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List of top professional videographer for every kind of events. Award winners who help to re-live your special wedding time again!


Best wedding videographers in Moscow. Based on our experience and opinions of the experts, we recommend professionals for weddings and private events

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Best wedding videographers

The videographers represented in the association of the TOP15MOSCOW site are a team of professionals who are in love with their work. Each of them has their own corporate identity, which they embody in cinematic shots and personal scripts at the wedding.

They have many years of filming experience of luxurious wedding events and interesting projects. They have good modern cinema equipment that allows them to shoot videos of a high directorial level. There are no boundaries and limits to perfection In their works, thanks to that they become the owners of prestigious professional awards and prizes every year.

In an effort to perpetuate life and lively emotions through video filming, and capture the thinnest strings of the human soul in the frame, these videographers create incredible films where lovers are the main characters.

TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of these professionals who are truly the best in the photo industry:

Primestory, Mikhail Levchuk, Sergey Andreev, Artem Korchagin, Artem Korzhavin, Roman Khlyustov Films, Vitaly Sidorenko, Partyvision Wedding, SmileEmotion, Paramonoca Movies, Rustam Kurbanov, Alexander Romanov.

See more information about videographers’ services, prices, and filming on their personal pages.

Sergey Andreev

Wedding videographer Sergey Andreev is known among Russian fans and in other European countries. The exchange of good experience with the same talented operators abroad at business conferences has honed his skills and professionalism. Also, Sergey has studio “AndreevMedia Broskostudio”. With his team, he constantly moves around the world, conquering all new locations. 

Mikhail Levchuk

“Directing a wedding video is about the professional’s immersion, the style and form of filming, the ability to show the couple's story. This is a perfect artistic documentation of the wedding day,” — Mikhail Levchuk, one of the best videographers in Moscow, says. He has a delicate taste and the ability to see elusive moments of beauty.

Partyvision Wedding

The main goal of Partyvision Wedding is to convey everything that brought you two together. In a few minutes of the film, we show the universe that was created on the day you first met. Professional videographers know that any story isn’t just limited to the scenery and the moments that appear on the screen. It’s much more than that.

Alexander Romanov

Clients choose Alexander for his artistic vision: he isn’t filming "just for money" and prefers working with people who are spiritually close to him. Alexander's portfolio contains videos for creative couples with a broad perspective on life and an unusual life experiences. They find the extraordinary within the ordinary, appreciate good music and are well cultured. These are couples who aren’t afraid of other people's opinions and confident enough to experiment.


The guys from the SmileEmotion Studio test boundaries, like experimenting and continuously improve themselves. Their films are watched without wanting to break away from the screen, because they’re filled with boundless love, tenderness and a timeless style.

Artem Korchagin

His ability to choose the most suitable touching soundtracks for your videos will make you feel all the emotions in his work and give you goosebumps. Today, he is a talented videographer for beautiful family celebrations, repeatedly recognized by his colleagues as the best specialist around the world.


Our members

Ralina Gazizova

Ralina Gazizova creates stories about love and sincerity of feelings, about beauty and the brightest moments of life. Through Ralina's lens, you'll see those moments that remain in people's hearts forever as a memory. The couple's feelings before the ceremony, hugs with family and friends, tears of parents, when they make touching speeches. She is convinced: a wedding video should be like a favorite movie that you want to watch over and over again.

Artem Korzhavin

Artem Korzhavin is a professional wedding videographer from Moscow. He specializes in filming weddings, love stories and family videos. The videographer doesn’t use any planned productions in order to get a sincere live film. Videographer Artyom Korzhavin shoots his work all over the world. He tries to be completely invisible during filming. 


Prime Story is a creative community of dreamers and experimenters. We create important and real memories. For us, each new project is a new story that needs to be told as accurately and honestly as possible.It’s important to remember the main thing, to relive the past and feel its atmosphere, as if it were here right now. This is our job, and this is what we love to make. On land, underwater and in the air, working anywhere in the world, we seek and find new ways to tell your story.

Rustam Kurbanov

Rustam Kurbanov is one of the best videographers in Moscow who sees with his heart. Each of his films represent stories with free thinking and a unique atmosphere. The videographer's works are multifaceted and depict the most reverent feelings that exist in the life of two people. His independent creative style is the way to tell your story.

Paramonova Movies

They are keepers of the “flywheel of time”, and only videographers from the Paramonova Movies studio turn to that magical effect for breaking away from the reality of today, rewinding the tape, reigniting the dying ashes of memories, and, deceiving themselves and the cruel arrows, returning for a moment into the past.

Vitaly Sidorenko

Vitaly is one of the best videographers in the CIS area according to famous wedding sites. He works with a team of professionals around the world: in Italy, France, England, Montenegro, Greece, and other countries. He can film with any complexity and for any occasion whatever it may be — an intimate wedding or a large-scale project, a celebrities’ party or shooting abroad.

Pavel Trepov

The FamilyFrames team consist of the most talented photographers and cameramen who travel around the world and shoot extremely unusual wedding videos. The result is captivating, interesting stories with amazing magnetism, charm, and creativity. Also, the studio gives unique master-classes, where all the secrets of creating wonderful masterpieces are revealed.

Khlyustov Films

We don’t just film and edit videos, we also study the couple, their guests, and their celebration. We look for the most important moments and create films that stay with you for life — films about you and your family. But we can’t answer the question of exactly what your film will be like, because we haven’t met you yet!


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