Prime Story are the best videographers in Moscow.
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Prime Story are the best videographers in Moscow.

We were finalists in the category ‘best wedding videographer’ at the 2016 WEDDING AWARDS, and the winners of the best wedding video at the 2014 WEDDING AWARDS.

Prime Story is a creative community of dreamers and experimenters. We create important and real memories. For us, each new project is a new story that needs to be told as accurately and honestly as possible.


Looking for new solutions and unusual shots, we understand the depth of your feelings.

It’s important to remember the main thing, to relive the past and feel its atmosphere, as if it were here right now. This is our job, and this is what we love to make. On land, underwater and in the air, working anywhere in the world, we seek and find new ways to tell your story.

Watch videos and read the videographer’s reviews on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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