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Time destroys emotions, erases details, mutes dialogues, that exist in memory.
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Time destroys emotions, erases details, mutes dialogues, that exist in memory.

Unforgiving to weakness and fear, despite all the efforts, one day it will furrow the face with fine wrinkles, dry out smooth hands and add silver streaks into hair that was once burning with flames.

But how hopelessly fading and doomed fleeting existence would be, if there was no place for a ghostly, subtle, but still the hope to deceive the natural course of time at least in only one of the hundreds of thousands of played rounds and to steal from under his nose a lottery ticket, at stake which is immortality.

Only writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers and directors can instil this hope into us.

They are keepers of the “flywheel of time”, and only videographers from the Paramonova Movies studio turn to that magical effect for breaking away from the reality of today, rewinding the tape, reigniting the dying ashes of memories, and, deceiving themselves and the cruel arrows, returning for a moment into the past.

Paramonova Movies

“Thanks to Paramonova Movies, couples in love have this cherished artifact — an immosrtal story. This isn’t just a “video” or “wedding day chronicle.” It’s a real movie. Moving, sincere, touching, heartfelt.”

Without broken poses, inquisitive glances and theatrical kisses. Your love is the best that could, should and will happen with the history of Paramonova Movies. And you could become an integral part of it.


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