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Married people create slow, aesthetic wedding reportage
WEVA Award 2019
Best Young Proffesional
WEVA RuAward 2019
Best Colorist
visitor ratings (5.0)
+7 (968) 188-50-xx

Married people create slow, aesthetic wedding reportage

The videographer Andrey Nikitin stands behind the studio Married people, which name speaks for itself. In wedding films that he shoots are images inspired by St. Petersburg, its nature, and architecture. That makes the signature style of the studio Married people recognized and loved by many.

Married People

"Love for details and full immersion in the atmosphere of the celebration"

The films by Married people are stories told through the feelings and emotions of the main characters. Fleeting gestures, glances, and touches, the true meaning of which only two people understand, often get into the focus of a videographer's attention. Not the staged shots that are beautiful only with a well-defined composition come to the fore, but live and piercing moments.

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