Валентин Фролов - один из лучших шоумейкеров | Валентин Фролов | Шоу программа на мероприятие в Москве

Cтраница шоумейкера Валентина Фролова на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. Основной профиль работы его команды — съемка и быстрый монтаж ролика прямо на мероприятии.
Show program Valentin Frolov
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Valentin Frolov is the founder of humorous video production. The main character of his team's work is shooting and quickly editing the video right at the event

While the guests are only gathering together at the event, they are already being filmed unnoticeably by Valentin Frolov's team to show a video after 3 hours, to which their thoughts are added. Whether they are true or not, no one will know – the main thing is that it is hilarious.

Valentin Frolov

They know how to work with guests at events of any scale: from huge ones, for 3000 people, to bachelorette parties, where only 10 are invited

Sometimes they shoot a simple interview and ask the guests to congratulate the heroes of the occasion using «one word». Valentin Frolov comes up with this and a dozen more options for video formats in order to lengthen the lives of you and your guests with the help of laughter.

Valentin Frolov's team worked both at social events for top public officials and such companies like Mercury, Sberbank, and Gazprom, as well as at the anniversaries of Mikhail Galustyan and Alexander Revva, where it was appropriate to joke even «on the brink».

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