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Soglasie Hall

visitor ratings (5.0)
+7 (968) 966 15 xx
36 Mira Avenue, Moscow
from 5 500 rubles per person
up to 20 cars

Soglasie Hall

A modern platform for business and special events in the center of Moscow.

The Soglasie Hall space has all the things that are important for newlyweds when they are choosing a banquet hall for their wedding. The white walls are an excellent canvas for any design idea, and professional lighting and projection equipment are used to help implement the desired atmosphere.

Soglasie Hall

Soglasie HALL is a space that unites people together.

There are panoramic windows overlooking the Pharmaceutical Garden, which is perfect for a ceremonial exit. Another undoubted bonus is the open veranda which you can directly exit from the hall. See the address, photo, reviews, and phone number on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

Площадки Согласие Hall


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