Парк-отель «Орловский»

Страница площадки для свадьбы Парк-отеля Орловский на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. Это современный комплекс для загородного отдыха вблизи столицы.
Venues Park-hotel «Orlowsky»

Park-hotel «Orlowsky»

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Московская обл., Ленинский район, д. Богданиха
от 3500 руб

Park-hotel «Orlowsky» is a wedding on a royal scale in the near Moscow region that provides OFFICIAL MARRIAGE REGISTRATION

Park-hotel «Orlowsky» is a modern complex with its own history and unique atmosphere. In July 2018, the hotel was awarded five stars. We created a park-hotel for out-of-town recreation near the capital. We provide everything for comfortable leisure: more than 20 hectares, a landscaped area with a beach, a zoo, a playground, restaurants, a tennis court, a football field, a Russian bathhouse, clean countryside air. Accommodation is possible in wooden houses or in rooms located in the main building.

Park-hotel «Orlowsky»

Rest for each taste is provided for one and all

We have managed to combine modern technology, history, and excellent service. Our park-hotel is located on the historical land, where the picturesque royal lands were located, which passed over time from Ivan the Terrible to Peter I, Menshikov, Katerina's court, in the 18th century the land was transferred to Count Orlov-Chesmensky, an outstanding Russian commander, hence the name.

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Park-hotel «Orlowsky»


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