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Modus Restaurant

visitor ratings (5.0)
+7 (925) 901-55-xx
1 pereulok Truzhenikov, VL. 4, Moscow
from 5 000 rubles per person

Modus Restaurant

Moscow is changing for the better!

This is the first thought that comes to mind when you’re looking at the new building of the Modus restaurant located on the historic Plyushchikha Lane. The three-story elegant neoclassical mansion truly beckons you! Stained glass windows flood the hall with sunlight during the day, which is really inviting for breakfast. In the evening, the glow of crystal chandeliers reflects the majestic appearance of the Temple of the Exaltation in the windows. By the way, this was where Chekhov's wedding took place!

There is a single spacious restaurant hall with stained glass windows, a fireplace, and comfortable upholstered furniture on the first floor. The capacity of the hall is a banquet for 100 people, or a buffet for 150 people.

There is a two-level banquet hall featuring light colors with triumphal columns and a large LED screen on the second and third floors.

Chalet's two-level summer veranda is hidden away from the city noise and is located in a historic Moscow sidestreet. It’s wooden, with triumphal columns and chandeliers hanging under the roof. Also, the veranda is sheltered from rain and wind, and has heated areas.

The panoramic summer veranda is located on the roof of the mansion and is surrounded by greenery. The capacity of the veranda is a 60 person banquet or an 80 person buffet.

The Modus restaurant knows how to beautifully receive and welcome guests. The place is ideal for personal and business meetings, family celebrations, and parties with friends. Remaining fashionable and trendy, MODUS RESTAURANT constantly surprises its private guests. Performances by musical artists take place here; live music is played, the gastronomic map is updated, and new ideas are added to the bar menu.

See photos, reviews, information about the restaurant's cuisine, and current contact details for booking a table on our site TOP15MOSCOW.

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Modus Restaurant


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