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Ladozhskaya Usadba

visitor ratings (5.0)
+7 (800) 100-29-xx
p. Niemelyankhov, Karelia
from 25 000 rubles per person

Ladozhskaya Usadba

Ladozhskaya Usadba is an old estate on the shores of a picturesque bay in Karelia.

Every detail in Ladozhskaya Usadba embodies luxury and impeccable taste. There are the aristocratic restaurant halls featuring amazing cuisine from the Northern Ladoga area, spacious Northern Art Nouveau style cottages, its own boats, a helipad and even a church for holding the wedding ceremony.

The hotel is a three-hour drive from the cultural capital of St. Petersburg. Our own fleet of Mercedes-Benz minibuses will allow us to transfer the newlyweds and their guests to the hotel. Also, there is the opportunity to get to the estate in just 40 minutes by helicopter. If guests want to enjoy the amazing beauty of the Ladoga islands, the hotel staff can organize a delightful 6-hour cruise on a personal yacht.

LADOGA Restaurant harmoniously mixes old design elements with haute cuisine. Wild mushrooms baked in cream, pike with red caviar sauce, grilled duck breast with berry sauce, homemade desserts, — all the best of Northern Ladoga. There are various seating areas in the cozy restaurant to accommodate up to 100 guests.

Leisure culture is valued at the Manor. There is a spacious bath complex with its own plunge pool in the Ladoga waters, spa treatments, and entertainment hotel complex with billiards and bowling, and a varied excursion programme. But this is just only a small sample of what the Estate can offer its guests.

The most important thing about any celebration is the atmosphere. Ladies in luxurious dresses, gentlemen in tailcoats, and a real ball. Ladoga Manor embodies aristocratic culture, with its inherent nobility and generosity. Just imagine, the story of your family begins surrounded by magical nature, fabulous architecture, and impeccable service. See photos, reviews, and the hotel address on our site TOP15MOSCOW.

Ладожская усадьба


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