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Kempinski Hotel Moika 22

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Hotel Kempinski Moika 22, Moika river embankment, Saint Petersburg
from 3 500 rubles per person

The Kempinski Moika 22 Hotel is an ideal venue in the center of St. Petersburg to experience the luxury of privacy in an aristocratic atmosphere.

Respectable classics and truly European taste with a Russian twist is the first thing that a guest feels when entering the Kempinski Moika 22 welcome hall. The rooms, halls, and corridors of the hotel are decorated with antiques, antique furniture and the atmosphere of the Moika River embankment.

The hotel's professional team provides impeccable service so that every minute spent at Kempinski Moika 22 remains in your memory as a luxurious and unhurried journey that you will want to return to again.

Kempinski Hotel Moika 22

Traditions are respected here, but the hotel is always open for something new and exclusive.

There are 200 rooms, five restaurants, and six halls to choose from for your wedding. Whether you are planning a large-scale or private celebration, wedding dinners are held in the hotel halls with comfort and attention for both 15 or 200 guests. This is one of the best hotels in St. Petersburg, where you can fully enjoy serenity, stunning views and first-class team service, enveloping each couple with personal care.

Kempinski Hotel Moika 22


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