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Dobrogled, Vladimir region

Park Hotel Dobrograd is a modern resort. It’s located in the most picturesque corner of the Vladimir region, in the center of the Russian Golden Ring.

A high-class hotel and restaurant complex, excellent service, and a large-scale infrastructure make Dobrograd a unique venue for wedding celebrations: from intimate ceremonies to large-scale weddings.

Park Hotel Dobrograd

The main advantage of holding a wedding at Dobrograd is the ability to organize a multi-day celebration within one place.

We offer a wide range of offers and options for weddings:

— The bridal morning

— Conducting an off-site registration ceremony

— Several wedding package options for newlyweds

— Work of a professional wedding planner

— Creating photo opportunity stations and decorating for the wedding

— Three villas for guests' accommodation and photo shoots

— Spa and beauty services

— Impeccable service: hospitable and responsible staff

— Scenic walking surroundings that will appeal to all your guests

— Organization of buffets

You and your guests are invited to stay in the comfortable rooms of the Dobrograd Park Hotel after the registration and festive banquet.

We respect all your wishes to make your wedding day wonderfully unforgettable!

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Park Hotel Dobrograd


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