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Chateau Saint-Martin & SPA

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Château Saint-Martin & Spa, Avenue des Templiers, Ванс, Франция

Chateau Saint-Martin & SPA is the real gate of paradise. Not every hotel so indulges its guests and indulges in any whims

Choose gastronomic and cultural pleasures, spa treatments in our garden and all the scents of Provence. We hope they share the gift with you!

Chateau Saint-Martin & SPA

We invite you in to taste, explore and experience life’s many pleasures. Let us inspire your journey beyond our doors

Our guestrooms blend historic features with subtle contemporary designs. Interiors are infused with the fresh air and sunlight that comes naturally to this spectacular setting above the Côte d’Azur, and every room has a view. Secluded on the hillside are six bastide-style private villas, with upto three bedrooms.

Площадки Chateau Saint-Martin & SPA
Chateau Saint-Martin & SPA


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