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+7 (495) 276-21-xx
10 Novskoe shosse, Balashikha, Moscow region
from 4 000 rubles per person

Artiland Country Club

One of the most beautiful and stylish places for a wedding in the near Moscow region WITH OFFICIAL MARRIAGE REGISTRATION.

Here, picturesque nature and well-thought-out landscape design are organically complemented by modern architecture. This emphasizes the uniqueness and sophistication of the venue.

The splendor of ARTILAND allows the newlyweds to make their dreams and fantasies come true. There are blooming floral areas for wedding registrations, a pond with swans and a boat for exclusive photoshoots, and snow-white tents by the water and in the forest for summer weddings. An elegant carriage pulled by white horses will help you plunge into a fairy tale atmosphere.

A huge advantage of the Country Club is the ability to organize a multi-day wedding story in one place. The bride can start her celebration with a bachelorette party in the spa in the evening, then get up in the morning in a luxurious room and begin preparation for her big day, surrounded by friends and family. After a romantic photo session, on-site wedding registration in the grounds, and a festive banquet, you have a great opportunity to put guests in cozy hotel rooms and continue the festivities the next day in the gazebos or bath complex.


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