Nikita Zharkov

Classics, aesthetics, style, delicious reportage — all this can be found in Nikita's wedding stories
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Nikita Zharkov is a wedding photographer who is not tied to one city or country

Living in Warsaw, Nikita shoots all over Europe. He has experience in photographing weddings in France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and is fluent in Spanish and English.

Nikita Zharkov started his career as a wedding photographer in Kazakhstan, where in 2018 he was awarded as a wedding photographer of the year, and in 2021 he made the top 15 wedding photographers in Russia according to TOP100AWARDS.

Nikita Zharkov

My photos are for people and about people, so that my customers could frame them or keep such warm memories in their albums

Nikita takes classic photos with a touch of aesthetics and fashion, emphasizing sincere emotions and creating a «delicious» reportage.  He finds inspiration in travel, landscape changes, national weddings and successful people.

After over 7 years working in the office, Nikita has never thought his career will entirely be connected with wedding photography. Since this profession has no growth limits in both creativity and personal development, Nikita decided to change his life. Using his unique approach at work he aims to inspire colleagues, friends and people around him that everything is possible and approachable in this world.

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