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List of top professional photographers for wedding in Moscow. Award winners with a creative photography feeling


Best wedding photographers in Moscow. Based on our experience and opinions of the experts, we recommend professionals for weddings and private events

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Luxury wedding photographers in Moscow

These professional photographers capture good natural light, beautiful details, and a touching atmosphere in their shots. The result of their work is a photo mirroring the uniqueness and personality of each couple. They are finalists and winners of prestigious awards, and they find their inspiration for filming while traveling, shooting weddings in different famous parts of the world. See information about photographers’ services, reviews, and portfolios on their personal pages.

Doing a wedding photoshoot or concept photography in a studio is a favorite job for these photographers. Here TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of the best professionals who are really famous and become the best in the photo industry.

They are — Andrey Baida, Konstantin Semenikhin, Galina Nabatnikova, Mikhail Kharlamov, Lilia Gorlanova, Andrey Nastasenko, Sergey Zaporozhets, Natalia Legenda, Dmitry Markov, Marina Fadeeva, Alexey Kinyapin, Katya Mukhina, Maxim Koliberdin, Katya Romanova, Igor Bulgak, Mikhail Moon.

Fine art wedding photographer Ekaterina Romanova

Most of all, Katya loves to take interesting pictures, communicate with others, and explore the world around her. At every wedding she photographs, Ekaterina finds amazing moments, interesting personal stories, and emotion that she captures on camera. She works mainly in Russia, the USA and Europe, but is always ready to explore other parts of the world.

Luxury wedding photographer Misha Moon

He masterfully combines style, moments and emotion in his photos. He is a professional, who has been inspired by everything he does, what he has seen, and his team's work for the last six years.  During each wedding photo shoot, the photographer burns with his work, gives his best efforts. Collaboration with this photographer is highly valued by the best agencies in Moscow and Russia for his style of work. 

Professional wedding photography by Nastya Nikolaeva

Nastya Nikolaeva is a wedding photographer who creates classic, elegant shots with pure color. The focus in Nastya's works is on the aesthetics of the wedding day. She thinks that a stylish look and natural, slightly emphasized bride's beauty, are an important key to the success of beautiful wedding shots. 


Fine art Photographers for a wedding

Fine art wedding photographer Andrew Bayda

Photography for Andrei isn’t just a job — this is his lifestyle. Andrei Baida became famous as a gossip columnist several years ago. He is a finalist of the Wedding Awards 2016 in the Best Wedding Photographer nomination. This photographer's real passion is travel. Indeed, it’s extremely difficult to find him in Moscow. He makes notes during his trips, and they are also as colorful as his photographs.

Luxury wedding photographer Kseniya Antonova

Kseniya Antonova is a wedding photographer with a sincere heart and a delicate look. Ksenia's work is a combination of aesthetics and emotions. The photographer shoots in an elegant reporting style and creates tender stories for couples. These stories remain the endless inspiration for Ksenia's work.

Professional wedding photography by Maxim Koliberdin

Maxim conveys a timeless romantic story in each wedding that reflects joy and love through his photos. Maxim Koliberdin is one of the best photographers in Moscow, who is endlessly devoted to his work. He loves soft natural lighting, open natural spaces, and impressionism. 

Fine art wedding photographer Marina Fadeeva

Photographers Marina and Andrey Fadeev are a creative duo highly appreciated by the best wedding agencies in Russia and across Europe. Their photos adorn the pages of magazines including: Vogue Brides, HELLO, Glamour Russia, Wed Vibes, and Wedding Magazine Russia. And their shoots abroad are iconic every year throughout the entire photo industry.

Luxury wedding photographer Nataliya Legenda

Nataliya genuinely loves every photo she takes. The sincere emotions of people and positive energy help her to take great pictures. Nataliya Legenda is a professional photographer who takes “gentle” pictures. Today she holds a leading place amongst Russian wedding photographers.

Professional wedding photography by Igor Bulgak

Igor Bulgak is one of the best wedding photographers in Russia. Igor has many great achievements to his name. He was named ‘Photographer of the Year’ by WEDDING in 2015, was included in the top 20 best photographers by American Association Fearless Photographers. Today Igor Bulgak takes truly outstanding photographs that go beyond usual wedding photographs. His photos are full of life and good energy that makes pictures come alive.

Fine art wedding photographer Alexey Kinyapin

Alexey takes lively, high-quality and effortless photographs. Alexey Kinyapin is a professional Moscow photographer who developed his own style of Western photography which made him famous. Alexey takes pictures in a light Western-style, inspired by the people he photographs.

Fine art wedding photographer Konstantin Semenihin

Konstantin Semenihin is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in Moscow. His work style incorporates attention to the aesthetics of the celebration, the personalities and style of the newlyweds, instant reaction and tremendous efficiency. Plus, he can communicate easily with couples, he sees and feels the beauty in people, he helps them to open up and show real emotions. 

Professional wedding photography by Andrew Nastasenko

Andrew Nastasenko is an expert in wedding photography. The best metropolitan agencies trust Andrey's experience and his world view: he has filmed the weddings of the Black Star label singer Mot, TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva in St. Petersburg, Nelly Ermolaeva, actress Anna Khilkevich, Vitaly Gogunsky, and singers Rita Dakota and Bianca.

Fine art wedding photographer Roman Ivanov

Roman Ivanov is a wedding photographer, who uses the aesthetics of elegant photography. Roman's photos are stylish and modern. There isn’t any pretentiousness tenderness in his work, but there's always emotion, that is exclusive to the couple. Every girl can feel and relive this emotion when she revises Roman’s wedding work.

Professional wedding photography by Arseniy Prusakov

Arseniy Prusakov — is one of the best Moscow wedding photographers. He was born and lives in Moscow, but he takes pictures all over the world. Each wedding project for Arseniy is an opportunity to share his creativity and confident professionalism. Both brides and wedding planners are excited about his wedding photos. The photographer describes his style as a wedding fashion with a share of classics, lively emotions and moments. Arseny's portfolio contains wedding projects from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iceland and Greece.


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