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Finalist at the prestigious WEDDING AWARDS 2018 and the most popular photographer in Moscow.
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Igor Bulgak is one of the best wedding photographers in Russia.

Igor has many great achievements to his name. He was named ‘Photographer of the Year’ by WEDDING in 2015, was included in the top 20 best photographers by American Association Fearless Photographers. Also, he won first prize in the 2014 MyWed DesignBook Award. He was a finalist at the 2013 Wedlife Awards and the 2012 MyWed Awards.

When Igor was 5 years old, his father worked as a wedding photographer at the central registry office. As a child, he was fascinated by the huge pile of films, watched how the photos developed, and how they became physical photographs.When Igor was 20, his father persuaded him to try his hand. Igor quickly settled into photography and began to earn money. This was the start of a great and illustrious career.

Igor Bulgak

Finalist at the prestigious WEDDING AWARDS 2018 and the most popular photographer in Moscow.

After some time, Igor became bored with the everyday photographs he took in the registry office. He realized that he could create something new, dynamic and emotional. If anything determined what influenced Igor's decision to become a photographer, it was the atmosphere of love, happiness and smiles in his family.

Today Igor Bulgak takes truly outstanding photographs that go beyond usual wedding photographs. His photos are full of life and good energy that makes pictures come alive.

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