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Anna Godunova is a wedding and family photographer
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Anna Godunova is a wedding and family photographer


For Anna, photography is a way of life, thoughts and a necessity of the soul. Her shots are filled with calm tones, natural lighting and soft focus. Anna believes that the most important thing in the profession of a photographer is to convey the atmosphere that reigns in the air: happy looks and smiles, gentle touches. The history of each couple is like a separate and unique world for her.

Anna Godunova

“I am happy that I have the opportunity to see, feel and experience the love of other people”

Anna realizes that she has a great responsibility: to preserve the memories of the main day. Newlyweds become close friends with her, regular customers, and trust her with other important events in life. Becoming a family photographer is Anna's greatest reward.

Anna's work is highly appreciated not only by couples, but also by professionals: in 2016, one of her photographs got to the Fujifilm X World Photo Gallery at the Fujifilm anniversary exhibition at the headquarters in Tokyo, and the other was a member of the Galerie Joseph in Paris in 2019. Her footage has also been published by magazines and wedding blogs such as Wed Vibes, The Bride, Weddy Wood, Zank You and Wedding Daily.

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