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Страница свадебного фотографа Федора Бородина на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. В работах Федора Бородина искренние эмоции сочетаются с красотой кадра и эстетикой в каждой детали
Photographers Fyodor Borodin
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In Fyodor Borodin works sincere emotions are combined with the beauty of the frame and aesthetics in every detail

Fedor had a technical education — he made a dissertation at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. He was fond of music for a long time, recorded and published two albums in Canada with a band, but eventually found himself in photography.

Having extensive experience in the fashion industry, he skillfully combines glossy images, atmosphere and emotions in his shots.

Fyodor Borodin

Fedor's style of work can be called elegant photojournalism

Fedor's achievements include winning the Wedding Awards 2019 and White Sposa Awards 2019 in the Best Wedding Photographer nomination, reaching the final of Mywed Awards 2017 and 2019 and first place in the TOP100AWARDS 2021 ranking. He has also become a member of the jury of Russian and international contests many times.

He has more than 50 publications and several covers in various professional and fashion magazines such as Wedding Magazine, White Sposa, HUF, Vulkan, Bisous, Picton and many others. Fedor lives in Moscow but shoots a lot in Europe and the USA.


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