Andrey Nastasenko

Andrey Nastasenko is an expert in wedding photography.
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Andrew Nastasenko

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Andrew Nastasenko is an expert in wedding photography.

The best metropolitan agencies trust Andrey's experience and his world view: he has filmed the weddings of the Black Star label singer Mot, TV presenter Alena Vodonaeva in St. Petersburg, Nelly Ermolaeva, actress Anna Khilkevich, Vitaly Gogunsky, and singers Rita Dakota and Bianca.

Andrew Nastasenko

Andrew Nastasenko is included in the TOP-50 best wedding photographers in the world.

Andrew creates a stylish photo series for couples who live in different parts of the world, including places such as: the USA, India, Cuba, Switzerland, Italy, Bali, and Russia. He finds real pleasure in photojournalism, hence the recognizable style of his work: wedding documentation with a focus on aesthetics. After 8 years’ photography experience, Andrew entered the TOP-50 best wedding photographers in the world and features in the TOP rankings of Moscow wedding photographers every year.

See the photographer's portfolio, reviews and Instagram on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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