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Photography for Andrei isn’t just a job — this is his lifestyle
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Photography for Andrei isn’t just a job — this is his lifestyle

Andrei Baida became famous as a gossip columnist several years ago. He is a finalist of the Wedding Awards 2016 in the Best Wedding Photographer nomination. This photographer's real passion is travel. Indeed, it’s extremely difficult to find him in Moscow. He makes notes during his trips, and they are also as colorful as his photographs.

Andrew Bayda

Andrei Baida — is a photographer for fashionable glossy magazines. The photographer has his own blog, and also he regularly writes the travel column for one of the best fashion sites.

Andrey’s articles are published in leading glossy magazines. He photographs celebrities, and at the moment Andrei is one of the most popular photographers in Russia. He has visited America, Australia, Asia, Great Britain, Iceland and many other countries, where he has shot dozens of spectacular weddings.

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