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Alena Plaks is a photographer in love with life
Photographers Alena Plaks
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Alena Plaks is a photographer in love with life

Into the life of the wind in the hair of a girl passing by, into the gaze of an elderly father who is happy that his only daughter has become a bride, into the smile of a child hugged by his parents. In a moment that will never happen again.

Everyone who trusted her at such an important moment made her stronger, transformed her soul and stayed there forever.

Alena Plaks

"Thank you for letting me live these emotions with you"

Alena's grandfather was a photographer; she grew up surrounded by his black and white photographs. Printed footage told her stories of family happiness, full of life and love. So simple and so important. Alena believes that she successfully continued family tradition because her photographs are also timeless.

And this is proved by her professional victories. Alena's works are published on well-known Russian and Western platforms such as Oncewed, The Noisetier, Wedding Vibes and Weddywood. The geography of her projects is limitless: it is not only Russia but also European countries. She is always happy to work in a new place.

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