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Best wedding photographer

These professional photographers capture good natural light, beautiful details, and a touching atmosphere in their shots. The result of their work is a photo mirroring the uniqueness and personality of each couple. They are finalists and winners of prestigious awards, and they find their inspiration for filming while traveling, shooting weddings in different famous parts of the world. See information about photographers’ services, reviews, and portfolios on their personal pages.

Doing a wedding photoshoot or concept photography in a studio is a favorite job for these photographers. Here TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of the best professionals who are really famous and become the best in the photo industry.

They are — Andrey Baida, Konstantin Semenikhin, Galina Nabatnikova, Mikhail Kharlamov, Lilia Gorlanova, Andrey Nastasenko, Sergey Zaporozhets, Natalia Legenda, Dmitry Markov, Marina Fadeeva, Alexey Kinyapin, Katya Mukhina, Maxim Koliberdin, Katya Romanova, Igor Bulgak, Mikhail Moon.

Pablo Laguia Laguia

Pablo is an international wedding photographer, who shot for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. He was named in the Top 30 Rangefinder Rising Stars of Wedding Photography in 2017. His works have been published in famous magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Conde Nast Traveler, and Rangefinder Mag. Couples admire his talent and skill to notice important details. 

Volodymyr Ivash

Volodymyr Ivash is an international wedding photographer from Ukraine, shooting in America and Europe. Wedding photography gives Vladimir the opportunity to feel the emotions of the newlyweds, to capture the priceless moments they spend with family and friends, and also to create interesting and stylish shots. All this fills the photographer with creative energy and makes him feel happy, as well as to develop fast in his work: discover different cultures, traditions, meet interesting people, new cities, and their color.

Days Made Of Love

Days Made Of Love is a wedding photography studio specializing in shooting weddings at the Greek islands, in Europe, and at selected worldwide destinations.  Starting from the consultation during the wedding planning until the photographs are delivered they stay polite, friendly, and professional. Their goal is to create elegant and timeless pictures that will reflect each wedding day in a unique way.

Julia Kaptelova

Julia and Vladimir are a team of professional photographers, who have been photographing exquisite weddings in Italy, France, Moscow, and all over Europe for over 7 years. They specialize in luxury weddings and celebrations, where modern trends are mixed with classic traditions. Capturing sincere, elegant and timeless photographs with a modern twist is their goal. Julia has an arts degree, which helps her to find harmony in each shot she takes, and tell the story of a couple authentically.

Mariana Shafro

Mariana Shafro is a wedding portrait photographer whose frames are filled with natural daylight and happy smiles. Maryana has never seen such energy, as at a wedding, anywhere else: for her, it is like touching the Sun with her bare hands. Throughout the whole day, Maryana's gaze is attached to the bride and groom, she seems to fall in love with a couple, and this feeling gives her the ability to notice beauty in their every move.

Arseniy Prusakov

Arseniy Prusakov — is one of the best Moscow wedding photographers. He was born and lives in Moscow, but he takes pictures all over the world. This day his works are published in renowned print and online media: White Sposa, Veter and WEDDING. Arseniy won the prestigious Wedding Awards in 2017. His photos have won the Choice of Wedding Agencies several times over.

Konstantin Semenihin

Top organizers and the most demanding couples trust him with their celebrations, and his calendar is filled with filming dates both in Russia and abroad. Konstantin’s weddings always become the best weddings of the year, they are printed in all sorts of wedding magazines, and collect thousands of reposts from blog users online. His work is incredibly versatile and popular. Indeed, each of his shots include touching live emotions and documenting moments, as well as beautiful and stylish fashion shots.

Kseniya Antonova

Kseniya Antonova is a wedding photographer with a sincere heart and a delicate look. Ksenia's work is a combination of aesthetics and emotions. The photographer shoots in an elegant reporting style and creates tender stories for couples. These stories remain the endless inspiration for Ksenia's work.

Maxim Koliberdin

Maxim Koliberdin is one of the best photographers in Moscow, who is endlessly devoted to his work. He loves soft natural lighting, open natural spaces, and impressionism. The photographer has many achievements: he was named as part of the top 15 paparazzi by Wedding Vibes, was named one of the top 10 best photographers by Simple and Beyond magazine, and was in the top 10 photographers by Veter Magazine.

Charlotte Jenks Lewis

Charlotte’s work was featured in many magazines and blogs, such as Town & Country, Martha Stewart Weddings, Over the Moon, The Knot, and Brides. When she’s not making photographs, Charlotte enjoys renovating and decorating her townhouse in Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband and their trio of boys.

Nastya Nikolaeva

Nastya has learned how to shoot for magazines, knows how to make both fashion and calm, classic wedding photos. Couples like Nastya's approach: the ability to be in the right place at the right moment, to create an artistic and, at the same time, emotional picture.

Tatiana Sozonova

Tatiana pays special attention to details and quality at all stages of shooting, because it's critical for the result that the newlyweds want to see: the beauty of the moment captured in time. Tatiana does not pursue a large number of wedding shootings, preferring their quality. It is important for her to create shots that catch and make you think.

Stefano Santucci Studio

Stefano Santucci Studio creates beautiful, natural, and aesthetic pictures. Photographers shoot weddings because they truly love photography and value natural beauty. Their style is the pictures that will keep the memory of authentic, natural, and beautiful wedding moments for many years. Photographers are always calm, sensitive, and attentive to detail: especially to fleeting moments and gestures that show the uniqueness of the wedding day and the history of the couple.

Andrew Nastasenko

Andrew creates a stylish photo series for couples who live in different parts of the world, including places such as: the USA, India, Cuba, Switzerland, Italy, Bali, and Russia. He finds real pleasure in photojournalism, hence the recognizable style of his work: wedding documentation with a focus on aesthetics. After 8 years’ photography experience, Andrew entered the TOP-50 best wedding photographers in the world and features in the TOP rankings of Moscow wedding photographers every year.


Photographer for a wedding

Anastasia Abramova-Guendel

Anastasia’s style of photography is best described as a directed reportage with elements of fashion photography. She is great at putting her couples at ease in front of the camera and while giving simple directions capturing their true emotions discreetly. Both Anastasia and her husband have been working at Paris Fashion week for years and have done numerous campaigns and lookbooks for French and international brands, so they bring this experience into their work as wedding photographers. 

Alina Raynal

Alina shoots in the most beautiful corners of the world from Moscow to Lake Como. But most of her works she made in France, especially in Paris. Reviewing her work, you would want to drink coffee at the Palais Royal, kiss on the lawn by the Eiffel Tower, and hug, spend the evening on one of the Pont Seine.

Sergey Graf

Sergei Graf is a wedding photographer based in St. Petersburg, who has a strong focus on color, aesthetics, and details. He believes that every wedding, every couple, and every bride is beautiful, and sees his task in showing their beauty, depth of feelings, and emotions.

Still Miracle Studio

Diana lives in London (UK) but she travels internationally and takes pictures wherever her couples feel comfortable. She follows their loving hearts to France, Italy, Greece, Portugal, USA and beyond. She is in an endless search for thrilling tenderness and creates elegant pictures according to a script written by life itself. Still Miracle’s breathtaking work has been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Tatler, Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Abroad.

Igor Bulgak

Igor has many great achievements to his name. He was named ‘Photographer of the Year’ by WEDDING in 2015, was included in the top 20 best photographers by American Association Fearless Photographers. Also, he won first prize in the 2014 MyWed DesignBook Award. He was a finalist at the 2013 Wedlife Awards and the 2012 MyWed Awards.

Alexey Kinyapin

Alexey isn’t only a photographer; he’s also a traveler and a dreamer. He shoots weddings in Russia and abroad. His favorite style is emotional Western wedding photography. Therefore, his pictures are immediately striking, and they can’t be confused with other people’s work due to his unique style.

Roman Ivanov

Roman describes his style of work as photojournalism with a touch of fashion, where every detail isn’t accidental. Glittering eyes, ease of movement and courage to show their feelings, — these are how the couples look in his pictures, as if they have descended from the pages of fashionable gloss.


This unique name is inspired by the word and feeling of ‘phantasmagoria’. A word that represents the intersection of real and imaginary and perfectly describes her work, aesthetic, and inspiration. Fotomagoria’s award-winning photographs are striking in a multitude of ways. Within each shot lies a perceptible depth and richness that makes the moment real to the viewer.

Ekaterina Romanova

Ekaterina believes that a wedding day isn’t a day of photography, but a real bright holiday with amazing energy and a colossal amount of emotions. The photographer's biography and achievements demonstrate that she is an expert in her field: she was a prize-winner at the international association ‘Fearless Photographers’, won the 2013 Mywed Award for ‘Ceremony and Heroes of the Day’, was named ‘the Best Wedding Photographer of 2013’ by Wedding Magazine. Also, she is a member of ISPWP and WPS. 

Igor Shevchenko

Igor shot more than 200 weddings, worked in 7 countries, has thousands of photographs about love, family, friends, laughter, and tears of joy with closest ones, hugs, glances full of stories, and crazy dances. During the celebration, he catches in his lens, first of all, sincere emotions, energy, and beauty of the couple. For Igor, being a photographer means having a superpower that allows you to see the world in a different way, feel it deeper, and resonate with it in this specific moment.

Lace and Luce

LACE AND LUCE's works are emotional, ethereal and romantic. Photographers believe that true love can be understood only by people who have the same feelings, and they know how to notice the moments of a unique bond each couple has. This is how they create an inspiring wedding story, where the slightest gestures speak the language of love.

Yuri Gusev

The main task of the photographer is to preserve important moments for the couple for many years, make them cinematic and sincere. The moment cannot be repeated, but it can be remembered forever, which is why it is so important to show the atmosphere of happiness that prevailed on the wedding day.

Andrew Bayda

Andrey’s articles are published in leading glossy magazines. He photographs celebrities, and at the moment Andrei is one of the most popular photographers in Russia. He has visited America, Australia, Asia, Great Britain, Iceland and many other countries, where he has shot dozens of spectacular weddings.

Elena Matiash

Elena’s style is romantic, very soft and elegant, full of light and love. She worked for the couples from all over the world and made photoshoots in the different corners of the Earth: Jordan Petra, Wadi Rum, Preikestolen in Norway, Cinque Terre in Italy, Iceland, Indonesia and many countries in Europe. Elena is also multilingual and speak English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and a bit French.

Nataliya Legenda

Nataliya Legenda is a professional photographer who takes “gentle” pictures. Today she holds a leading place amongst Russian wedding photographers. Her work regularly getd published in various fashionable wedding magazines: from strict staging with brides to ‘old-fashioned’ wedding projects in popular local and foreign wedding blogs.

Misha Moon

He masterfully combines style, moments and emotion in his photos. He is a professional, who has been inspired by everything he does, what he has seen, and his team's work for the last six years.  During each wedding photo shoot, the photographer burns with his work, gives his best efforts. Collaboration with this photographer is highly valued by the best agencies in Moscow and Russia for his style of work. 

Pavel Golubnichy

The most important things of the celebration for Paul are the emotions, atmosphere, and couple's interest. He likes it when people in the shot are sincere and do not try to show themselves "different" in the photographs and on the wedding itself. Pavel is sure: a wedding is not a photo session! This is an event. An event that evokes feelings and emotions in the hearts of loved ones. These moments are especially valuable because they are unique.

Marina Fadeeva

Marina Fadeeva knows how to feel the potential of a person who appears in front of her lens and reveals their personality in her photographs. She has a delicate sense of taste and style that are unique to her. Marina is in love with weddings, and when you adore what you do, the results are always special.


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