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List of top professional photographers for every kind of events. Award winners with a creative photography feeling.


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Best wedding photographers. Based on our experience and vision for the future, we select professionals we can recommend for weddings and private events.

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Best wedding photographer

These professional photographers capture good natural light, beautiful details, and a touching atmosphere in their shots. The result of their work is a photo mirroring the uniqueness and personality of each couple. They are finalists and winners of prestigious awards, and they find their inspiration for filming while traveling, shooting weddings in different famous parts of the world. See information about photographers’ services, reviews, and portfolios on their personal pages.


Photographer for a wedding

Doing a wedding photoshoot or concept photography in a studio is a favorite job for these photographers. Here TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of the best professionals who are really famous and become the best in the photo industry.

They are — Andrey Baida, Konstantin Semenikhin, Galina Nabatnikova, Mikhail Kharlamov, Lilia Gorlanova, Andrey Nastasenko, Sergey Zaporozhets, Natalia Legenda, Dmitry Markov, Marina Fadeeva, Alexey Kinyapin, Katya Mukhina, Maxim Koliberdin, Katya Romanova, Igor Bulgak, Mikhail Moon.



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