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Icon Suit is a chain of salons for bespoke men's clothing
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Icon Suit is a chain of salons for bespoke men's clothing

Most men don't like to shop, but they like to look good. Icon Suit simplifies the selection of wardrobe, saves time, and at the same time ensures a high level of quality and service. Suits, shirts, jackets, trousers, jeans, boots, accessories and everything you need in one place with an atmosphere of comfort and care.

The costumes are made here from the best materials in the world, according to your personal measurements and wishes. A personal stylist helps you decide on the colors and styles that are right for you.

Icon Suit

«A tailored suit will give the groom a good mood and confidence on the wedding day»

Icon Suit's team of professionals is working on creating a unique wedding look, including a suit, shirt and accessories, which will surely pay attention from the bride and guests. Here, they will also gladly select individual looks not only for the groom but also for his friends, so that the style concept of the wedding is ideal. Icon Suit has the perfect suit for both a casual outdoor wedding and a lavish celebration with a black-tie dress code.

Once the tailors have taken measurements for the perfect fit, the process is in your hands. You can choose everything from lapels to the lining, from pocket designs to monogramming. You'll make your look perfect and complete with custom-made shoes and accessories. Choose a tie of the desired color and texture, a pocket square to match the bride's dress or a bow tie that matches the lapel of the tuxedo.

We advise you to start choosing a suit in Icon Suit by reading a detailed guide compiled by the brand's team — you can download it here.

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