Oleg Savelyev

Oleg Savelyev is a well-known professional Russian television and radio host.
Hosts Oleg Saveliev
TEFI 2016
Morning program "Morning on 5"
Wedding Awards 2015
Best wedding host
visitor ratings (5.0)
+7 (925) 589-84-xx

Oleg Saveliev is a well-known professional Russian television and radio host.

During his career, Oleg became the face of Channel Five (on Russian TV), hosted the “Secret Materials of Show Business” project on the TV channel “Friday”, and is a show host on Mayak (Lighthouse) radio. Also, he has received the TEFI prize for the TV program “Morning on 5”.

Oleg played in the Higher League of the Cheerful and Resourceful Club (KVN) for the Sochi team, “Sun Weary”. He received unprecedented popularity thanks to his work in the world tour of the project “Our Russia” from the Comedy Club. Oleg was also nominated for the Radiomania Award. 

He hosted the comedy show “Ranets at the Mayak (Lighthouse)” and the legendary show “Ivanovs”. Also, he participated in the show “Good Evening, Trade Unions” together with Natalia Shorokh and Maxim Korolevsky.

Oleg Saveliev

Oleg Saveliev is a winner of the TEFI, RADIOMANIA, WEDDING AWARDS and KVN Major League Champion.

Oleg has regularly hosted award ceremonies, private and corporate parties for large companies, weddings and other events. He is a producer of a number of professional events in the industry.

Thanks to his versatile experience and brilliant erudition, the MC can work and find a good common ground with anyone, even with the most difficult and demanding audience.

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