Mikhail Belyanin

Mikhail Belyanin is the Best Host of the 2018 Wedding Awards.
Hosts Mikhail Belyanin
Best morning show "Guten Morgen Freeman"
Wedding Awards 2018
Best wedding host
"The Ordinary people" team
visitor ratings (5.0)
+7 (985) 136-91-xx

Mikhail Belyanin is the Best Host of the 2018 Wedding Awards.

Mikhail is an entertainer, TV, and radio host with a great sense of humor and positive energy. 

Light-heartedness, intelligence and high emotions are distinctive features of the events he hosts. It won’t be difficult for him to organize and captivate both audiences of 5 or 2,000 people. Mikhail always pays attention to the guests and understands the audience, being able to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Mikhail Belyanin

Mikhail Belyanin is a host of Comedy Radio, Champion of the Higher League of KVN, winner of the Radiomania Award, and a host of VK Live Interviews (a Russian social network).

Mikhail was a successful KVN player and a Major League Champion previously. He combined the work of an entertainer and a morning host on Comedy Radio, where for 4 hours straight he improvised, composed jokes and uplifted thousands of listeners. Russia’s favourite show “Guten Morgen Freeman”, hosted by Mikhail, deservedly received the most prestigious award in the radio broadcasting industry. See the MC’s photos and videos on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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