Maxim Kritsky

Maxim Kritsky — a harmonious mix of humour and tact
Hosts Maxim Kritskiy
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Maxim Kritskiy — a harmonious mix of humour and tact

Maxim instantly reacts to changes in his guests’ mood and interacts with the audience in an interesting and lively manner. He is one of those entertainers who feels the middle ground. His energy, tact and good experience make him the perfect host! With 9 years’ experience of conducting events, Maxim has become one of the best entertainers in Moscow, who has an impeccable reputation, a long track record and an equally extensive list of gratitude.

Maxim Kritskiy

MC Maxim Kritskiy is a popular member of the Stand Up Moscow Club.

Maxim hosts more than 100 prestigious events every year: weddings, large-scale corporate events, concerts and spectacular presentations. He has worked with Adidas, Hyundai, Sberbank, Gazprom, the cinema chain KARO Film and others. See the МС's photos and videos on our website.

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