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Дмитрий Кохно — профессиональный телеведущий и шоумен с высоким культурным уровнем и многолетним опытом
Hosts Dmitry Kohno
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Dmitry Kokhno is a professional TV presenter and showman with a high cultural level and many years of experience

In his hosting manner, Dmitry harmoniously combines depth and cheerfulness. He knows how to set the tone for the event. He performs in Russian and English, has a memorable velvet tone of voice and always looks elegant.

For more than 10 years Dmitry has worked on Belarusian television: he hosted the morning show, the “Song of the Year” program and live broadcasts. In 2020 he moved to Moscow from Minsk.

Dmitry Kohno

Dmitry is young, intelligent, smart and well educated. High professionalism and extensive experience allow him to make master classes on public speaking and personal effectiveness

Dmitry works in different formats, from cozy home parties to international sports events. In his portfolio, you'll find more than 1000 events, including the Opening Ceremony of the II European Games, which was attended by 22,000 people.

Dmitry's achievements are recognized in the professional environment: in 2021, he took first place among all hosts in Russia in the TOP100AWARDS rating. The presenter's clients speak for themselves – among them such companies as Mercedes and BMW, McDonald’s, MTC and many others.

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