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Страница свадебного ведущего Дмитрия Кохно на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. Дмитрий Кохно — профессиональный телеведущий и шоумен с высоким культурным уровнем и многолетним опытом
Hosts Dmitry Kohno
1 место в рейтинге лучших ведущих России
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Dmitry Kokhno is a professional TV presenter and showman

Dmitry is charismatic, has a high cultural level and bright energy. Many appreciate him for his intelligence, gallantry and ability to always be appropriate. In his hosting manner, Dmitry harmoniously combines depth and cheerfulness. He works events in English, has a catchy velvet tone and always looks elegant.

For 10 years, Dmitry worked on Belarusian television: he hosted a morning, music and sports show, gala concerts "Song of the Year" and live broadcasts of the most rated lottery in the country. In 2020, he moved from Minsk to Moscow at the invitation of TNT TV channel.


Dmitry Kohno

Intelligent, smart and well educated

Dmitry feels great on big stages with world celebrities, at the same time, he knows how to create an easy atmosphere at chamber dinners for 20 people. His portfolio has more than 1000 events, including, for example, the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the II European Games in Minsk for 22,000 spectators each.

Dmitry's skill is also recognized in the professional environment: in 2021, he took 1st place among the leaders in Russia in the TOP100AWARDS rating. The host's clients speak for themselves — among them such companies as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Wargaming, McDonald’s, MTC and many others.


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