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Hosts Dmitry Kozhoma
team Sports Station
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Dmitry Kozhoma is one of the most famous Russian MCs, performer on the TV-show Comedy Club

Dmitry Kozhoma's experience is his stage and television work,, where he has been performing for over 17 years. Unprecedented popularity came to him after participating in the KVN team Sports Station. There, Dmitry became the vice-champion of the KVN Major League.

Dmitry Kozhoma

Dmitry took a part in the TV show Tower on Russian Channel One. Together with the Russian celebrity Dmitry Nagiev, he hosted the show Big Kitchen on the STS channel and starred in two comedies, Zomboyashchik and What Men Do 2 — this film almost grossed $3 million.

The audience is always interested in the MC and his style of work, which leaves a perfect impression. Dmitry's calling card is his intelligent humor and wit. Thanks to his versatile experience and brilliant erudition, he easily finds a common language with any audience, including the most demanding.

Dmitry easily hosts solo events and collaborative events with famous MCs Ivan Pyshnenko and Alexie Nikiforenko. He always works with his professional DJ at parties.

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