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Dmitry Babaev is a radio MC with extensive experience hosting various events.
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Dmitry Babaev

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Dmitry Babaev is a radio MC with extensive experience hosting various events.

Dmitry's favorite job is event management. He has been working in the event industry for over 10 years. During this time he has gained excellent experience in organizing various parties. The largest audience that Dmitry has worked with is 52 thousand people. This is twice as large as the audience at the Olympic Stadium!

You have probably heard Dmitry Babaev’s voice on the Megapolis FM 89.5 radio station on the radio shows, “Food Without Rules” and “the Morning Show for Thirty Year Olds”.

Dmitry Babaev

Showman Dmitry Babaev is a professional radio MC from Moscow, who has worked at the famous Russian radio station Megapolis FM.

Dmitry's distinctive professional trait is his attention to detail. He knows that the most important element of a wedding is the happy couple.

That’s why, from the first minute of his set, he involves all the guests in the ceremony. Dmitry conducts each event brightly and unconventionally; he creates a light and pleasant atmosphere; he charges guests with positive emotions and surprises them with a carefully thought-out routine. See the MC’s photos and videos on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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