Anton Abuchkaev

Anton Abuchkaev is a respectable MC for more serious events.
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Anton Abuchkaev is a respectable MC for more serious events.

Anton started his career in the year 2000. Since then, he has hosted more than 1,000 events in Russia and abroad. He has a degree in filmmaking and extensive experience in the film industry. Anton knows how to make any event as spectacular as possible. He was a host for private parties and huge urban events.

Frequently, Anton is invited to special occasions without having to film them. He entertains  the audience with funny interactions and can speak for 40 minutes, communicating with the crowd. The unique features of his parties are his easy communication with the audience, sparkling humour, and the pleasant atmosphere he creates.

Anton Abuchkaev

MC Anton Abuchkaev is a true professional and an artist with a director's education.

Well-known companies entrust  Anton Abuchkaev with their events. Examples include: Energogarant Insurance Group, TD BelAZ, Russian Railways, Ministry of Regional Development, VSK Insurance House, MAJOR AUTO, HONDA MOTORS and many others.

Anton creates exclusive atmospheres for parties, including weddings, competently combining all the elements of the program, skillfully improvising and, of course, giving guests a good mood. See the MC;s photos and videos on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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