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Официальная страница ведущего Андрея Пределина на сайте top15moscow. Журналист телеканала "Россия 24". Ведущий трех тревел-шоу.
Hosts Andrew Predelin
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Andrew Predelin is a wise, energetic entertainer and TV presenter. Fun, but not vulgar. Active, but subtle. Interesting, but humble.

Andrew graduated from a mathematics lyceum and has two degrees. Thanks to KVN, one day, the wedding host Andrew Predelin realized that his jokes are created much faster than complex formulas. So, he decided to change profession and become an entertainer. Andrey takes pride in his easy-going style of events, including weddings. He is a person who subtly toes the line between what can and can’t be talked about. Andrew will help to create a script for a celebration that will please guests of any age and status. This MC is an excellent improviser with charisma and he is able to charge people with positive energy.


Andrew Predelin

Host of three travel shows. Lead of Youtube-project PREDELNIK — cozy interviews with comedians. Journalist of the Moscow 24 TV channel.

Andrew hosts television entertainment and travel shows and has worked as a journalist for the Moscow 24 TV channel. As an MC with twelve years of experience, Andrew Predelin strictly considers important things, such as an individual approach, attention to detail and only relevant jokes.

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