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Nastya Vesna is a creative tandem of photographers Nastya and Maxim, who take breathtaking pictures
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Nastia Vesna is a creative tandem of photographers Nastia and Maxim, who take breathtaking pictures

Two photographers Nastya and Maxim work together under the Nastia Vesna brand. They have been shooting for more than 8 years. The pictures Nastya and Maxim make are pure, calm, and elegant, they filled with love for the people. They respect and care for family traditions and both feel the beauty in their own way, complementing each other's views on wedding photography.

Nastia Vesna

Creativity is the most important part of a photographers’ life

Therefore, they often come up with creative projects together and create collaborations with wedding brands, famous magazines, and wedding industry professionals. Nastia and Maxim do everything to develop and fill their creative resources — this helps them feel trends and inspire people who value their vision and style.

The geography of Nastia Vesna's projects covers the most beautiful cities in Europe: from romantic France to sunny Italy. Couples come to photographers literally from all over the world. That’s why their life is filled with love, kindness and beauty. And they generously put these feelings in their work.




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