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Best DJs for weddings and private events! We made a list of DJ from all over the world


Best DJs. Based on our experience and opinions of the experts, we recommend professionals for weddings and private events


Wedding DJs

Charismatic, stylish, and professional, — on this page, TOP15MOSCOW presents the best wedding DJs in Moscow. Each of them has at least 5 years of experience in the event industry, their own music collection, and they possess the professional skills to turn a wedding into a loud dance party.

Here are the 15 best wedding DJs according to wedding agencies. They work in a team with well-known Moscow presenters and work to the highest level. Each event is full of professionalism, great sound, and popular hits. Entrust these top Djs with the atmosphere of your wedding.

Alexander Detistov

Alexander Detistov is a professional DJ with 10 years’ experience. For the last 7 years, he has been working as the leading DJ with Alexander Belov: at top private and corporate events. Alexander often works at parties, fashion shows, car presentations, sports and corporate events. He has worked at prestigious events such as the TSUM Cup, the wedding of the King of Malaysia, the 15th anniversary of Louis Vuitton in GUM and the 2016 Wedding Awards.

Konstantin Teleshev

Konstantin Teleshev is a professional DJ with 12 years of experience in the club and event industry. He works with top wedding and event agencies, playing events of various scales: presentations, conferences, forums and private events. Konstantin is always busy, because his schedule is always fully booked two months in advance.

Kirill Sviridov

Kirill Sviridov is a professional DJ. His career began over 12 years ago. Kirill has been working in the event industry since 2009. During this time he has performed at more than two thousand events of various scales and levels. 


Host and DJ

Lyudmila Sherbakova

She works at lots of different events: from government, corporate, sports and private events to awards, presentations and world-famous music festivals. Lyudmila is attentive to the details and concept of the event, harmoniously builds a musical set for the format of any party and always creates unforgettable parties. DJ LOONA completely captivates all guests with her smile, femininity and wonderful mood!

Egor Reshetnikov

Egor Reshetnikov is a professional DJ with over 10 years’ experience. He is one of the founders of We Are Djs — the first event-DJs Association in Russia. Egor is a dancing DJ. This isn’t a trick he invented, he just can’t stand still while music is playing. He loves to be in the spotlight and is always confident. He subtly feels the guests’ mood and works with a host for each event.

Ilya Bachurin

Ilya Bachurin is a professional DJ who can equally light up both an intimate party for 8 guests and a large hall for 4,000 people. He is always careful in his actions and knows how to catch the right wave. He knows how to use good music to turn an ordinary evening into a crazy party, the remnants of which live in memories for a long time. He dreams of keeping a few more of his clones in the closet in order to spark as many parties as possible. 

Sergey Losev

Sergey Losev is a stylish and charming DJ with an eclectic music taste, charismatic appearance, and explosive presentation. He is a participant at the StereoPeople and TechnicSafety bars. He mainly works at private events, accompanying the presenter’s programme and the evening dance finale. He has played at weddings that have been noted by the prestigious Wedding Awards and White Awards in Russia. 



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