Виталий Козак - один из лучших свадебных диджеев| DJ Виталий Козак | Диджей Виталий Козак в Москве

Страница свадебного диджея Виталия Козака на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. Создание атмосферы настоящей московской тусовки.
DJs Vitaly Kozak

Vitaly Kozak

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To remember the parties at «Solyanka», get hyped as if it was the best Love Boat of your life, and dance until the morning as if the «Simachev» hadn’t been closed yet. Vitaliy Kozak knows how to create the special atmosphere of Moscow parties that we all miss so much

Even if you personally missed the golden time of Kozak's partying, you definitely heard about him. To say the least, the most famous DJ in the city and the icon of the club parties is known for his approach to DJing with no pathos, but self-irony, ease, and, of course, the tracks. He brought the music of the 90s back into fashion, rediscovering the songs of Vetlitskaya, Pugacheva, Agutin for the metropolitan party-goers and even making foreigners sing along to the «Barefoot Boy». 

Vitaly Kozak

Vitaliy Kozak is a fashionable favorite of the Moscow party, who is welcome always and everywhere

Above all is the fact that Vitaliy Kozak, like no one else, knows how to turn any event into a chill «clubby» party, where everyone gets to know each other, communicate, live it up and become best friends by the morning. His sets are always a fun combination of soul, disco, pop, to which even those who are used to languidly sitting at the bar are dancing.

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