Julie Shackirova

Julie Shackirova is the winner of the most prestigious 'Person of the Year' award at the 2016 Russia Wedding Awards.
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The best wedding decor
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Julia Shakirova is the winner of the most prestigious 'Person of the Year' award at the 2016 Russia Wedding Awards.

The studio has already realised more than 2,500 projects, including the design of the Konstantin’s Palace in St. Petersburg, the best sites in Moscow, French castles, Swiss chalets, and the famous Epernay wine cellars.

The creator of the SHAKIROVA STUDIO, Julia Shakirova is a talented decorator with over ten years' experience. Alongside these creative, bold and non-trivial solutions, all wedding projects and events from SHAKIROVA STUDIO have their own recognizable style and are created with impeccable taste.

Julia became one of the most famous decorators in the world thanks to her unconventional approach to work, combined with creative thinking and an unconventional style.  

Julia Shakirova

SHAKIROVA STUDIO — is a trendsetter in the design of large-scale private celebrations.

Julia has been interested in creativity, since childhood, particularly in applied art. Then she started to get into floristry: she studied at the international school "Nicole", learned floristry from the world-famous florists Ellie Lin, Wally Klett, Daniel Ost. This knowledge determined the path of further development and work in the decoration. Today, the design by Julia Shakirova is prestigious, recognizable and original.

See the decorator’s portfolio and reviews of his projects on our website.


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