Sasha Lenkey Studio | Декоратор на свадьбу в Санкт-Петербурге

Команда Sasha Lenkey Studio создают декор, который рассказывает историю людей
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SASHA LENKEY STUDIO team create decor that tells the story of people

Decor Studio SASHA LENKEY designs and creates decor for events of various sizes and styles. Their work style based not on trends and generally accepted standards, but on the personalities and tastes of the people whose story they tell through decor to create a unique atmosphere.

Despite the variety of these stories, each concept shows a balance between aesthetics and functionality, brightness and lightness. The studio team's strong tools are playing with light, combining large and miniature objects, using different materials and, of course, accent floristry.

Own production of neon signs and interior lighting allows them to create limitless and crazy lighting solutions that harmoniously emphasize the brightness of creative ideas and the gracefulness of laconic classics.

Sasha Lenkey Studio

"We are guides to the world of aesthetics, where there are no stylistic limits"

Just imagine that picture, that you have always dreamed of, is being created for you. It contains all the most important: the desire to experience indescribable emotions and live the main moments with loved ones. The decor allows you to enhance the whole spectrum of feelings and connect the elements of your celebration together

The SASHA LENKEY team is based in St. Petersburg, but is not tied to geographic boundaries. They are always on the lookout for interesting locations for couples. The studio has a lot of projects created not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Moscow.

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