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Best decorators for Weddings and professional venue styling. They don't follow trends, they create them!


St. Petersburg

Wedding decor created by best decorators. Based on our experience and vision for the future, we select professionals we can recommend for weddings and private events.


Best decorators and decor studios

Their works are highly appreciated in Russia and abroad. Each of them has an impeccable taste and a talented team that brings together professionals from the design, floristry, architecture, and decor industry, who are capable of performing decoration and decoration in a wedding hall of any complexity. Having creative thinking at work and a bold approach to the design of top-level events, each of them does their favorite life’s work — they turn reality into a real fairy tale. Using different materials from flowers to plastic, professional designers and florists propose and make the most effective ideas.


Impressive decor and floristry

The projects that they bring to life, — surprise with exquisite floristry and a good combination of the smallest details. Successful cooperation with world-class brands and status agencies confirms this. TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of these professionals who are truly the best in their industry.

See photos of projects, information on prices and services of the best decorators from Moscow on our website TOP15MOSCOW.



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