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Best decorators in Moscow. Based on our experience and opinions of the experts, we recommend professionals for weddings and private events

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Best decorators and decor studios

Their works are highly appreciated in Russia and abroad. Each of them has an impeccable taste and a talented team that brings together professionals from the design, floristry, architecture, and decor industry, who are capable of performing decoration and decoration in a wedding hall of any complexity. Having creative thinking at work and a bold approach to the design of top-level events, each of them does their favorite life’s work — they turn reality into a real fairy tale. Using different materials from flowers to plastic, professional designers and florists propose and make the most effective ideas.

The projects that they bring to life, — surprise with exquisite floristry and a good combination of the smallest details. Successful cooperation with world-class brands and status agencies confirms this. TOP15MOSCOW project presents the names of these professionals who are truly the best in their industry.

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Larisa Preobrajenskaya

The Art-laboratory of Larisa Preobrajenskaya — is a team of artists, decorators, architects and florists. For several years in Russia, including Moscow, she has been creating unique projects in the field of transforming spaces and events. We don’t just decorate the space, but we create a non-standard and unique concept for each project. Our ideas are a beginning for the birth of the concept, that flawlessly conveys the feelings you want to express. We make images become reality and dress them in an exquisite style. Our own production allows us to realize any request of the customer quickly and accurately.

Maria German

Maria's philosophy as a decorator is that every detail affects the mood of the event, and she wants to create a grand occasion that will live in the client's heart forever. Maria German is capable of events of any scale and the most creative wedding ideas because she has her own production team and great enthusiasm for her work. Nothing is impossible for her: if clients want a French garden on the banks of a river in Moscow — that’s what they’ll get.

Flo Kiosque

Flo Kiosque is a boutique brand from a team that creates expensive designer flower arrangement that only nature itself can replicate. Flo Kiosque professionals are in love with what they do and what they create for couples. This is reflected in every Flo Kiosque project when the team accepts the most difficult challenge — to create a harmonic and holistic space without overloading it with unnecessary details and meaningless decor attributes. The ability to find the balance between nature, space, and couple is a special art, that distinguishes Flo Kiosque from many other companies.


Impressive decor and floristry

Maria Kamenskaya

Maria Kamenskaya is one of the best decorators in Moscow. She went through a difficult, thorny career path in the wedding decor industry. She used to be unknown, but now she has founded her company MK DÉCOR and DESIGN, where she has united the best creative minds: professionals from the floristry, decor, design, architecture and production industries. It’s often said Maria has done impossible things in her work, but she is always very picky about the results of her work.

Julia Shakirova

The creator of the SHAKIROVA STUDIO, Julia Shakirova is a talented decorator with over ten years' experience. Alongside these creative, bold and non-trivial solutions, all wedding projects and events from SHAKIROVA STUDIO have their own recognizable style and are created with impeccable taste.

Atelier dei Fiori

We work with many well-known agencies. We also have our own workshop for creating decor, and this allows us to implement projects of various levels — from the most ambitious to small intimate weddings.The budget doesn’t affect our work. In any case, we guarantee the perfect outcome for your ceremony or wedding dinner. The creators of the studio, Nina and Elena Kolyada, take part in the realisation of the project and strictly monitor each stage of installation at the site. This guarantees an impeccable result and high quality decor.

Floral style

Floral style decor studio led by Artyom and Galina Petrov, who create magical projects for couples in love. As decorators, Artem and Galina see their role in directing the space that evokes emotions and mood among the guests of the holiday. Fresh flowers are used in all Floral style projects: their talented team creates impressive floral art objects.

Kristina Nekrasova

Kristina Nekrasova creates the perfect setting for those who are not afraid to stand out, experiment, and look for an exceptional style for their wedding. The main thing in her work is to create a unique concept that reflects the character of the couple. The decor from KN decor & flowers is not just the decoration of the ceremony area and the hall, it is an idea expressed in everything: from a stylized shooting of the bride's morning to a wedding cake created according to Christina's sketches.

Lid’s Eventhouse

LID'S EVENTHOUSE is a leader in Russian event decor, which is tentrusted in the decoration of large-scale private, corporate and social events for celebrities, politicians and businessmen. For more than 15 years, LID'S EVENTHOUSE has been creating exclusive projects in the premium sector. Their works fascinate and have become iconic within the entire industry.



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