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Decor Studio "Luzhayka" is not just flowers and beautiful details

From the beginning, this project has become a way of life and thought for its founder Taya Lugaeva and the entire team. The flow of random people and projects doesn't suit "Luzhayka". They work with people who highly value aesthetics and beauty, convinced that without these components it is impossible to have an atmosphere of their holiday, understand their language and philosophy.

Most of the studio's work can be described as "modern classics". At the same time, they do not follow one direction, because they don't want to get hung up on something narrow and one-sided. One of the main goals in the work of "Luzhayka" is to create projects without strict reference to fashion and time.


“First of all, we strive to ensure that each wedding is unique in its visual atmosphere and at the same time does not lose its relevance over the years”

The team of "Luzhayka" has worked in palaces, modern urban spaces, and natural sites, cut off from civilization and city noise.

Studio projects and proposals are very varied and different from each other. Some are about gentle romance, while others combine languor and brutal scale. Some can be chamber and for the closest ones, others become large-scale. But they all have one thing in common: these are stories about the love of beauty, style, delicate chic, charm, air, elegant floristry, and details worked out to the smallest part.

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