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List of top cover bands for every kind of events. Best rock and pop cover bands available to hire for weddings around the world.

Cover bands


Choose and order a cover band for your wedding in Moscow. Their ratings are based on the opinions of TOP15MOSCOW members.


The best cover bands in Moscow

Three main advantages of the wedding cover bands on our website are their sound, amazing vocals, professionalism, and beautiful aesthetics. Our artists have over a year’s experience in performing at the most famous venues in the past. They attract full audiences at their own concerts and have extensive experience in the event industry. These professionals play in different cities, genres, directions and styles, perform modern hits and know how to create a driving atmosphere through music at an event. They have a stylish dress code and a style of playing that makes every guest dance at your celebration.


Professional musicians for the wedding

A cozy, intimate celebration or a large-scale wedding — any event becomes memorable and vivid when combined with a dance: your favorite songs, talented artists, and a professional sound. We advise you to watch the videos of cover bands on this page to find the perfect musicians for your own wedding, corporate party, anniversary, or other holidays. That’ll help you to choose the best professional for your special day.


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