Magic People

Magic People is one of the most popular cover bands in Moscow, who get invited to events of all scales.
Кавер-группы Magic People
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Magic People is one of the most popular cover bands in Moscow, who get invited to events of all scales. Full Olympic and Adler-Arena stadiums danced to their music in Sochi. The guys have worked with Mike Tyson, Steven Seagal, Oliver Stone, Nick Vuychich on the same stage, and have sung on Russian channels.

Their story started under the name Miami in 2013. With this name, the music band successfully worked in the event industry: at parties and weddings. Then, in 2017, they decided to change their name to Magic People and set a good principle for the entire event industry. They created a new performance format for cover bands — a real musical improvisation show.

Magic People

Unlike other bands, we always post live videos “as is” — without processing sound and picture. After all, this is the only way you can honestly assess the quality of our live performances and completely immerse yourself in its atmosphere. You’ll see a lot of happy people dancing in each video, because we always immediately set the tone of the event, by not only performing songs, but by communicating with the audience.

The voices behind the group are the unique vocal trio, consisting of the charismatic host and vocalist Vitaly Gruver, who was a winner of the Moscow Spring A Cappella International Competition; the vocalist of Phonograph Jazz Band by Sergei Zhilin and backing vocalist of The Voice project — Nina Serova; and a blogger, finalist on the Voice in Armenia and a participant on the X-FACTOR in England — Nelly Mes.

They can create a really lively atmosphere on stage with their music and ensure professional coordination in their work — these are the qualities of Magic People that are appreciated by the best wedding and event agencies in Russia. Watch their videos and reviews of the cover band on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

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