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Three main advantages of the wedding cover bands on our website are their sound, amazing vocals, professionalism, and beautiful aesthetics. Our artists have over a year’s experience in performing at the most famous venues in the past. They attract full audiences at their own concerts and have extensive experience in the event industry. These professionals play in different cities, genres, directions and styles, perform modern hits and know how to create a driving atmosphere through music at an event. They have a stylish dress code and a style of playing that makes every guest dance at your celebration.

A cozy, intimate celebration or a large-scale wedding — any event becomes memorable and vivid when combined with a dance: your favorite songs, talented artists, and a professional sound. We advise you to watch the videos of cover bands on this page to find the perfect musicians for your own wedding, corporate party, anniversary, or other holidays. That’ll help you to choose the best professional for your special day.

Wedding cover band Farsh Cover Band

Yandex, Electrolux, HP, and many other companies choose them for their events. The group combines the skills of classical musicians, graduated from the Moscow Conservatory, and a love for the honest, uncompromising energy of rock, rave, and the best examples of pop music.

Cover band for wedding Jules Verne

The Jules Verne band consist of professional musicians who live by their music. We promise you won’t be able to resist hearing it — we have tested this fact many times and in a variety of places. By the way, the cover band works exclusively with the best live equipment and performs all over the world: from noisy and bright Moscow to distant countries, whose shores are washed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Band for wedding Orlov Band

ORLOV BAND is a personal project by Alexander Orlov and has become one of the most famous cover bands in the Moscow event industry. They have played at the wedding of Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya, Emin Agalarov and Alena Gavrilova, Alexander Belov, and Ulyana Berdysheva. The frontman of the group is Alexander Orlov — a well-known singer and composer in Russian show business. He sings in Russian, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. The group has professional musicians who have worked with teams behind the Voice project, Songs on TNT, Main Stage, Live Sound, and Factor A.

Wedding party band Chas Pik

The peculiarity of Chas Pik is that they always look cool because each of them has their own charismatic personality. It’s not just enjoyable to listen to them, but also to watch their amazing performance. The band creates their own unique sound for each song: their repertoire is replenished with hit music almost every week.

Wedding music band T O F U

T O F U plays using DJ mashup and live-vocals. They create mixes of hits and popular classics in real-time. Vocalists Valeria and Sergey have a great musical experience, a sense of style and are both in love with their work and music.


Professional musicians for the wedding

Live music wedding band What’s Up

WHAT'S UP BAND is the first cover band in Russia that has implemented a large-scale Cover Show, combining professional dancers, lighting design, and the most popular hits into one original performance! For seven years, the musicians have played at thousands of corporate events and weddings, giving guests dizzying impressions of them. Today they work with leading Russian event agencies.

Wedding music live band Pleer Beat

Pleer Beat have played over 2,000 concerts at events of various scales during their 9 years of work in the event industry. They have sung at corporate events by Lukoil, Kimberly Clark, MediaMarkt, Bosch, Bank of Moscow, Bayer, Renault, and Ford. Pleer Bit creates a lively atmosphere at events: vivid images and the personal interactions that are prepared in advance for the guests.

Wedding cover band JD Band

The JD band voices sounded at the wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov, and at Leonid Agutin’s birthday. The musicians worked on the same stage with Elka, L'one, Soso Pavliashvili, Valery Syutkin, Otpetye Moshenniki, and Valery Meladze. Today their concerts are held both in Russia and abroad: in Italy, Spain, Estonia, Finland, and in neighbouring countries.

Cover band for wedding Magic People

They can create a really lively atmosphere on stage with their music and ensure professional coordination in their work — these are the qualities of Magic People that are appreciated by the best wedding and event agencies in Russia.

Band for wedding GQ Band

The group consists of four vocalists and five musicians — they are participants in The Voice 6 project and Casa Musica on MTV. The group's repertoire includes a mix of modern hits around the world and on the Russian stage, Latin and Eastern music, 80s disco, and Soviet pop.

Wedding party band The Times Band

The team has an extended repertoire and performs songs in more than 10 foreign languages including: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and even Hebrew. Their repertoire includes all the most popular styles of music — pop, retro, jazz, funk, and opera.

Wedding music band Zhuliki

The artists have played a large number of unique events, from wedding parties in Italy and Switzerland to large-scale open-air events throughout Russia. They have played street concerts in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and Milan. They conducted an interactive session with top officials of the Russian Federation in the Kremlin.

Live music wedding band Modal

The group consists of five extremely sincere and energetic musicians. Playing in a show-concert format, they arrange interactive elements, flash mobs, and karaoke. All this is inseparable from their masterful vocal transformation. Therefore, when MODAL appears on the stage — you can’t look away or get bored. It’s physically impossible.


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