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Yana Rybalko is a professional wedding make-up and hair stylist, one of the best specialists in Italy
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Yana Rybalko is a professional wedding make-up artist and hair stylist, one of the best specialists in Italy

Her sophisticated and elegant style makes her stand out from her colleagues in the beauty industry. Yana prepares each bride as if she's going to be on the red carpet, creating a fashionable and luxurious look. The quality of the products is very important for her, so she prefers to work with luxury cosmetics from brands such as Tom Ford, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, Laura Mercier, Dior.

Yana Rybalko

Light, translucent textures, and radiant skin are what characterize my style. I love to highlight the natural beauty of my brides, I don't use too much product: I apply as much as necessary to maintain natural, glowing skin, and make-up that lasts all day.

After graduating from the most prestigious academy for stylists in Milan, Yana began working in the fashion industry. From the first days, she created looks at the shows of the world's best designers at fashion weeks in Milan and Paris. Famous planners and photographers in Italy, as well as many brands, collaborate with her.

Yana is a true perfectionist, so self-improvement is extremely important for her: she never stops studying online from the world's best stylists.


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