Alena Vasilyeva

Alena Vasilyeva — wedding stylist from St. Petersburg, R + Co brand ambassador, teacher
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Alena Vasilyeva — wedding stylist from St. Petersburg, R + Co brand ambassador, teacher

She often works on set, styling looks not only with makeup and hair but also with clothes. Creates looks for such celebrities as Matilda Shnurova, Iowa, Natalia Bekmambetova, Zhenya Loza, Alexander Revva, Denis Klyaver, Dmitry Malikov. She took first place in St. Petersburg according to the results of the TOP100AWARDS award.

Alena is dedicated to her work, taking care of the atmosphere of the process: it is important that the client is as comfortable and cozy as possible. At the same time, she pays attention to aesthetics, carefully laying out cosmetics, choosing the best materials.

Alena Vasilyeva

“I love brevity, minimalism, but at the same time — showiness. All the beauty lies in small but elaborate details"

Brides love Alena for her sensitivity and attentiveness, and she is happy when she realizes that she has given the person positive emotions, and perhaps helped the bride to feel more confident, because the most important thing, according to the stylist, is that our actions leave a positive mark.

Alena lives with creativity, and she is incredibly glad that her life is so versatile: in the morning she does delicate makeup for the bride, and in the evening she can create an unusual look for shooting. Brides, students, models, shooting for magazines — all this fills and allows her to truly love what she does.

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