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Best wedding stylists in Moscow. Based on our experience and opinions of the experts, we recommend professionals for weddings and private events


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During the wedding preparation, you mustn’t forget about yourself — about skin, body, and hair care. The bride’s image on the wedding day should be stunning, mirror her style and character. So that you feel graceful, smiling, and make everyone's eyes on you. The best Moscow stylists from our website know how to achieve this.

Wedding makeup, bridal hairstyle, and all the details of the bride's elegant look are their favorite work — for each of them stylists have a lot of awards from the beauty industry.

This section has professional wedding stylists and makeup artists in Moscow, with whom well-known agencies and organizers cooperate. We’re sure that every girl who dreams of looking perfect on her celebration can find “her” wedding stylist — professional, who has an individual look, similar character, and little secrets of the perfect makeup. Together with the stylists, the bride can choose the ideal dress for the look, makeup, and spend the wedding morning with the master both at home, in the studio, or in the salon.

Portfolio, information about services, prices, reviews, and ratings of beauty professionals, see on their personal pages on our website TOP15MOSCOW.

Bridal beauty services by Kseniya Knyazeva

Kseniya confesses that most of all she appreciates light and natural looks. They show who the girl really is, and who she doesn’t want to be. She does makeup with light and subtle strokes that don’t overload the face; she also gently emphasizes the eyes, and adds a delicate blush and gloss to the lips. 

Wedding makeup artist Sasha Esenina

Sasha Esenina is a professional makeup artist and stylist. She loves her work and everything about it.Sasha Esenina's style is recognizable and unique. Delicate and sophisticated looks are her calling card. She styles hair and does makeup to emphasise the natural beauty of the girl, without any flashy accents.

Wedding makeup and hair stylist Oksana Sergeeva

Oksana Sergeeva is a professional wedding stylist, co-founder of the Esse Beauty Studio in Moscow.Oksana doesn’t just work with clients, she also teaches students at her own school. Every month, the stylist gives courses that radically improve the skills of any master, regardless of his experience. Students come from Russia, the CIS countries, Europe and the USA to learn the art of creating luxurious looks and find out exactly her professional secrets.

Bridal styling services by Zlata Lyaeva

Zlata Lyaeva is a makeup artist and hair stylist with the education of a designer.Stylist Zlata Lyaeva’s favourite part of her work isn’t just doing makeup or hairstyling, but creating a trendy look for young women. The skills of a professional stylist, that she acquired at the beginning of her career, help her to instantly understand which look is the best for each girl.

Bridal styling services by Olga Burmistrova

Olga Burmistrova is a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist with a sophisticated and aesthetic approach to wedding looks.While communicating with the brides, Olga creates a friendly and very warm atmosphere. She sincerely charges with her energy, listens to wishes, and inspires girls in the most touching moments of their lives.


A professional wedding stylist

Wedding stylist Alena Pushilina

Alena Pushilina is a professional wedding stylist, who creates the full look for brides: she chooses the dresses, styles hair and does makeup.Alena provides a unique service in the choosing of wedding dresses for the bride and outfits for the groom. The main stylist’s skill is the ability to create a unique atmosphere for brides, set the right mood at the wedding and offer support in the most unpredictable situations.

Wedding makeup artist Yana German

Yana German is a professional wedding stylist and make-up artist. Her strongest qualities: her ability to listen to and understand the client, perfectionism and continual work on her skills. Every few months Yana studies from recognized beauty professionals. She travels a lot. Her favorite hobbies are surfing in Bali, cycling in Montenegro and diving in Egypt. 

Wedding makeup and hair stylist Irina Mitroshkina

Irina Mitroshkina is a star makeup artist and the co-founder of Prive7 — one of the best beauty studios in Russia. Many celebrities choose to work with her. They become regular clients and close friends after the first visit with Irina. Among them are famous models and celebrities such as: Yana Rudkovskaya, Oksana Samoilova, Natalia Osmann, Ksenia Borodina, Katerina Shpitsa, Ksenia Lukash and others.

Hair and makeup stylist for wedding Ekaterina Kuroshu-Madonich

Katya is a great stylist, but also she helps create fashionable looks and is an official makeup guru from the store GoldApple. She collaborates with the best wedding and event agencies in Moscow and styles celebrities. Katya is the personal makeup artist for Anna Sedokova — a Ukrainian pop singer.

Wedding makeup and hair stylist Svetlana Zhukova

Svetlana Zhukova is a professional makeup artist and stylist with 15 years of experience in the beauty industry. She has taken many online courses and masterclasses in schools. She has also created a basic professional makeup training program, helping over a hundred makeup artists to graduate.

Wedding stylist Inna Shikhova

Inna Shikhova is a professional wedding makeup artist and stylist with 11 years’ experience in the beauty industry. She easily connects with any girl, irrespective of her status and age. She creates luxurious looks for brides as well as for their bridal party. This makeup artist also loves to work with stars and bloggers. 

Wedding makeup artist Lera Rogodzhan

Lera Rogodzhan is a professional stylist and makeup artist who has devoted more than 7 years to her work.This stylist knows that doing bridal makeup and hairstyling is a special ritual. She knows how it’s important for each girl to feel relaxed and happy during the morning preparations. 

Wedding makeup and hair stylist Nadezhda Hwan

Nadezhda Hwan has experience in dozens of makeup artistry courses and masterclasses, and has received training from famous stylists. Nadezhda’s brides look free and elegant, attracting the eyes of everyone around.



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