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Страница свадебного стилиста Кати Жуковой на TOP15MOSCOW ⇪. Я люблю индивидуальность, минимализм и естественность, потому что нет ничего более актуального, чем мы сами
Beauty Katya Zhukova
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Thanks to her work, makeup artist and hairstylist Katya Zhukova realized how beautiful all girls are in their uniqueness

This unique beauty itself is what she always wants to emphasize. She doesn't want to change a person, only to prettify, show dignity and place accents, leaving the bride natural even in a bright, expressive look.

Katya's work as a make-up artist for the brands Estee Lauder and Chanel helped her learn to see the beauty in every woman. Every day she communicated with a large number of people, received a tremendous experience, which made it possible to form a special view of female beauty.

Katya Zhukova

I love individuality, minimalism and naturalness because nothing is more relevant than ourselves

Katya beliefs that others should see a beautiful and happy girl, not her makeup or hairdo. At the same time, she values visual - aesthetics and beauty in everything that surrounds her is very important.

In his work, the stylist uses only the best products of luxury brands, since in the process of creating a look, details, atmosphere and sensations are no less important. Katya wants the bride to feel cared for and comfortable because after all, everything she does is done just for her.


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