Ekaterina Kuroshu-Madonic

The wedding makeup stylist Ekaterina Kuroshu-Madonic works under the alias MAKEMEKATYA — a recognizable name in the beauty industry.
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The wedding makeup stylist Ekaterina Kuroshu-Madonich works under the alias MAKEMEKATYA — a recognizable name in the beauty industry.

Katya is a great stylist, but also she helps create fashionable looks and is an official makeup guru from the store GoldApple.

She collaborates with the best wedding and event agencies in Moscow and styles celebrities. Katya is the personal makeup artist for Anna Sedokova — a Ukrainian pop singer.

Ekaterina Kuroshu-Madonich

Ekaterina has managed to style more than 1000 brides in her 10 years’ of work. She has worked abroad in Italy, France, Monaco, Greece, Georgia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. She has led 30 master classes on styling hair and doing makeup. Her students successfully work in the fashion and beauty industry.

This year Katya launched her first cosmetic product, BrowStylerGel, and she has opened a multi-brand ROŠHU boutique. Her arsenal includes luxury cosmetics and knowledge of techniques that emphasize the style, femininity and natural looks of girls. On her official website, Kate has developed special wedding packages that are personal for each bride. That’s why her brides forget about their nerves and enjoy all the preparation. All that’s left for them to do is to shine on the big day!

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