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Wedding make up artist and hairstylist Anna Vereta loves European style and vision of beauty
Beauty Anna Vereta

Anna Vereta

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Wedding make up artist and hairstylist Anna Vereta shares the European vision of beauty and style

Anna's signature look is natural and fresh makeup, laconic and slightly careless hairstyle. Her task is to make others see not the makeup, but the bride, whether it’s natural and nude makeup, or a bright, evening one. It is important for the look to fit in and be harmoniously combined with the girl's appearance, and does not exist separately from her.

Anna Vereta

"Nature has already created the most beautiful things, my job is to emphasize them and make accents by enhancing natural shades and textures."

Anna has extensive experience since 2012, during this time thousands of brides and private clients have trusted her. Today she works with the best Russian and European agencies, photographers, and videographers. She takes part in the wedding, educational and creative projects around the world: not only in St. Petersburg and Moscow, but also in the UK, Portugal, Italy, France, the United Arab Emirates, and the Faroe Islands. Anna Vereta's works are often published in popular blogs and magazines.

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