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Ольга Бурмистрова — свадебный стилист с утонченным и эстетическим взглядом на свадебные образы
Beauty Olga Burmistrova
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Olga Burmistrova is a wedding makeup artist and hairstylist with a sophisticated and aesthetic approach to wedding looks

Olga Burmistrova has been working in the beauty industry for over 5 years on shooting, advertising, fashion shows, and high-level events. She studies the uniqueness of the bride when she met her and makes a light and feminine accent on that feature. One of the important goals for Olga is to show the girls how beautiful they are naturally. The stylist creates fresh, light, and clean looks that do not radically change the appearance.


Olga Burmistrova

I adore the sparkle in the bride's eyes when she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles

Olga is an author of the course “Fast! Easy! Trendy! ", thanks to which many professionals now know how to make stunning hairstyles. She works both in Russia and abroad: from Austria to France. Brides who choose her are stylish and confident, sweet, and very gentle girls. They understand fashion, trends, current looks, travel a lot, and are passionate about life.

While communicating with the brides, Olga creates a friendly and very warm atmosphere. She sincerely charges with her energy, listens to wishes, and inspires girls in the most touching moments of their lives.



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