Свадебное агентство Лилии Горлановой | Агентство Лилии Горлановой

Агентство Лилии Горлановой — организация свадьбы. Многократные победители WEDDING AWARDS и СОБЫТИЕ ГОДА.
Planners Lilya’s Gorlanova wedding agency

Lilya’s Gorlanova wedding agency

Wedding Awards 2013
Событие года 2014'15
Лучшая свадьба
Wedding Awards 2013
Лучшее свадебное агентство
visitor ratings (5.0)
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Each project of the agency reveals the couple’s story in such a sincere and loving way, that one has sympathy for the couple, even if he doesn’t know the lovers personally

Lilya’s Gorlanova wedding agency has been on the market since 2010. Just three years later after the launch, the agency won a prestigious competition among wedding professionals ‘Wedding Awards’ as the best wedding planner. during this time wedding — the company established by Lilia Gorlanova has organized over 300 events in Russia and abroad: France, Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Maldives, Thailand. The clients of the agency are active, modern, and open-minded couples with good taste.  Each project is filled with the meaning, concept, and work of the team. Each wedding is a visually new story. The comfort of each participant, the creation of a unique atmosphere, and the highest level of service — are the components that the agency pays maximum attention to.

Lilya’s Gorlanova wedding agency

Art of creating happy moments!

For professionals, participation in the agency’s projects marks a special sign of quality, as during the selection of a team for a project, many details are taken into account — both personal and professional. Because of this fact, a special atmosphere reigns in every part of the weddings organized by the agency: guests can loosen up, while the professionals strive to give the best possible result. For photos of the weddings, reviews, and agency's address in Moscow check our website — TOP15MOSCOW.

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